Edu Maldives will Bring you Something Special

Dear parents and teachers,
We are here to present you something unique, and something you have never expected from us before, but to work together to bring better results in education.
Our aim is to avoid the weight of books on our children shoulders in exchange of better solution for better results. With idea we need to consolidate our minds for better understanding towards better participation too. That is not the knowledge we are lacking , but the conventional understandings which is dragging us and our children to never land in reality.

” Believing that god has favored to some people, that is only the superiors who always wins and their families are liable to stay tuned to control others and believing to carrying more books to the school will bright our children, and without proper parental control and practical harnessing will lead us to a better societies is a misconception”

We will load our ideas into a better distributional formation, in order to solidify our educational methodologies to bring better results in the concept of learning knowledge and effecting it in accordance to connect it to our living duties.

When 10-18 Years of our learning and teaching effort ends in drugs coolism,loonism and alcoholism is encircling our daily movements and making the separation within unethical principals and without hope for proper deliverables is a more patronizing to damage a nation than organized attack.
We have analysed the impact for coming years and we can see we are loosing something very important, and we believe all we will do is to blame us and our parents,our educational system and our children in reality.But the value lost from us in time will never be easy to regain and not easy to live within it in the future. But we hope none will allow it to happen to our children with the mercy of almighty ALLAH(sw).

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